Cantilever Racks

A great solution for storing long, bulky materials like furniture, plumbing installations, or lumber.

The RHINOe cantilever rack consists of a base, upright, upright support, and arms. They are unique in that the arms are supported on only one side of the rack. The unsupported side of the rack is open, which allows for the storage of long, bulky materials. This allows a fork truck operator to insert long materials that will hang over the edges of each support arm. They are a great tool to help organize a warehouse, lumber yard, or manufacturing facility.

Size: Customized
Loading capacity 500kg-5000kg
Material C shape steel plate, steel plate, steel tube, Angle Steel
Color Customized
  • Standard External Dimensions: 48" x 40" x 36.9" H (inquire for custom sizes),
  • Made entirely in 304 stainless steel with glass bead finish,
  • Robotically welded pallet unit for 100% welding insurance,
  • Run in Height (under-clearance): 4.3",
  • Load Bearing Capacity: 2205 lbs / 1000 kg,
  • Weight: Approximately 158 lbs / 72kg,